Logger Education Requirements


First Year Training Requirements

Provisional members and first-year applicants are required to attend training addressing Minnesota’s Forest Management Guidelines (BMPs), first-aid and CPR.

Guideline Training: 8 equivalent hours of training on Minnesota’s Forest Management Guidelines (Now available online - information will be sent after membership application is received)
Safety Training: 8 hours of first-aid and CPR training is required (LogSafe)


Annual Training Continining Requirements

To maintain MLEP membership, a business owner and/or an “in-woods” person actively responsible for the logging site must attend:

Safety Training - Twelve (12) hours of safety training every two years
Four (4) hours of CPR
Four (4) hours of First-Aid
Four (4) hours of Safety Training

Continuing Education - Twelve (12) hours of MLEP training every two years
Mix of 4 and 8 hour workshops:

a) Logger Conferences: Logger conferences will include a review of monitoring and audit results, any necessary and required contractor training and breakout sessions which address sustainable forest management, transportation, safety and business management topics.
b) Professional Training: Professional training workshops focus on specialized training in one of the following topic areas: sustainable forest management, transportation, safety and business management.

MLEP members must complete a minimum of 4 hours of MLEP and 4 hours of LogSafe training each year.
Logging employees (in-woods) are required to attend at least 4 hours of safety training each year and complete CPR/ First-Aid training every two years.

At a minimum, SFI requires the business owner and one “in-woods” person actively responsible for each logging site must be a “trained professional logger”. In some cases, the business owner may also be the “in-woods” person.


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