MLEP Website Relaunches -


Visit today to check out the newly re-launched site. Here you'll find:


  1. Member log-in in the top right. Use your email address that you have on file with us to sign-in and check out your training status and sign up for upcoming offerings. Owners - you'll be able to check on the status of your employees. Mills, Foresters, you'll be able to build out a real-time listing of your suppliers where you can confirm their training status.
  2. Don't remember what email address you have on file with us? It's likely the one that received this email.
  3. Membership Training Requirements under the "Membership" tab
  4. A listing of all currently scheduled upcoming offerings under the "Workshops" tab, sorted by course
  5. A link to the legacy online offerings by selecting "online courses" under "Workshops." We will be adding additional online offerings throughout the fall.
  6. Resources - some old and some new
  7. A calendar of upcoming trainings as well as non-credit events such as timber sales and other industry events
  8. News briefs by visiting the "About" tab.


In the field, on your phone, unable to access the site? Can't remember what email address we have on file for you? Need some help learning the new system? You can reach us during business hours at 218-879-5633.


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