Feb 15 Deadline for Qualified Employer Annual Report



Minnesota law requires qualified logging-industry employers to file an annual report of the total amount of payroll dollars for loggers in the preceding year with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry commissioner. Qualified employers meeting the requirements are then allocated a cash rebate in a proportionate amount of the reported payroll dollars. Rebates will be issued no later than June 1, 2024. For more information, contact Chester Teich at 651-284-5246 or chester.teich@state.mn.us. You are receiving this letter because your logging-industry company had reported as a qualified employer in the past or because you have been identified as a logging-industry employer that may fit the statutory definition of a qualified employer.
Minnesota Statutes 176.130 defines a qualified employer as "a self-employed logger, or an employer of a logger, who has paid a premium for workers' compensation insurance coverage for the preceding calendar year and who has attended, or whose logger employees have attended, in the preceding calendar year, at least one safety seminar sponsored by or approved by the commissioner" of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

The document and other information can also be found on MNDLI’s website here - MNOSHA WSC: Logger safety education, on-site training | Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry


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