Support the Safe Routes Act (H.R. 2493)



The bipartisan Safe Routes Act of 2023 was introduced by Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI-8) and Jared Golden (D-ME-2). This legislation would improve the safety of transporting raw forest products from the woods to a remote storage facility or mill.

The Safe Routes Act (H.R. 2493) would provide a safer route for trucks hauling logs, pulpwood, chips, or biomass by allowing them to travel on an interstate route at state legal truck weights and configurations. Research conducted by the University of Minnesota and the University of Georgia has shown that allowing state-legal truck weights and configurations access to an interstate route for a short distance that avoided small towns, school districts, and intersections would improve safety, reduce CO2 emissions, cause less damage to rural roads, and reduce transportation costs, and address supply chain inefficiencies for logging businesses.

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